Kangaroo Steaks

The healthy alternative

Warroo Game Meats

One of the leading producers of both Human Consumption and Pet Food Game Meats in Queensland, Warroo is a family owned second generation business.

Our Kangaroo meat products are produced to the highest Human Consumption standards with trimmings supplied into the Pet Food market giving us a natural advantage in providing the highest quality meats available.

For more information simply phone us on 07 46265366 or email us from the contact page.

Our Products

Kangaroo Meat

Human Consumption Kangaroo Meat is the healthiest red meat available. Low in Fat and Low in Cholesterol, yet High in Protein, Kangaroo is the Natural choice for a healthy diet.

Pet Foods

Kangaroo Meat is also the food of choice for many top Dog and cat breeders. Our Kangaroo meat is available as a bulk meat pack or minced to your requirements.

Other Meats

Warroo Game Meats operates a Multi Species processing plant. If you require Wild Boar or other  Game Meats please contact us. Via our Contact Page.

Contact Us

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