Warroo Game Meats


One of the leading producers of both Human Consumption and Pet Food Game Meats in Queensland, Warroo is a family owned second generation business.

Our Kangaroo meat products are produced to the highest Human Consumption standards with trimmings supplied into the Pet Food market giving us a natural advantage in providing the highest quality meats available.

Located in the small Queensland town of Surat (350km west of Toowoomba), Warroo Game Meats is the biggest private employer in the town of approximately 500 people, and is a major part of the Surat economy. The business employs over 30 staff, plus near 20 of local harvesters from field depots from around the western region.

The Warroo Game Meats processing facility is a licensed Human Consumption and HACCP Accredited operation that processes approximately 2,000 kangaroos per week that generates roughly 27 tonne of meat products and 5 tonne of bone products each year.

For many many years Warroo Game Meats has been providing top grade kangaroo fillets to restaurants, butcher shops and the tourist trade right across Australia. Warroo also provides exporting in the pet food sector which sees our manufacturing meat go to countries such as Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Warroo Game Meats pride themselves on not being the biggest business, but rather leading the market with the highest quality kangaroo grade products available. From a small country town that is locally owned and operated which has been built from the ground up with our own blood, sweat and tears, we have survived the test of time against other competitors that have gone by the wayside.

It is our passion for our business and the kangaroo industry that gives us the edge, the determination to grow... and the will to keep fighting for the best outcomes for both our valued customers and loyal employees.



3,789 square metres land


2-4 Wrights Place,


QLD 4214